Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surf Rock ~ Alive & Thriving!!

How many of you out there like the song “Tequila?” You know, the one that Pee-Wee Herman danced to on a bar full of bikers? I know most of you can recall the theme song from Quentin Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction.  Hell, if you don’t know the song “Wipeout” you should just navigate away right now! Surf rock has its roots in the music of the Beach Boys and the Ventures. Brian Wilson built his sandbox and well…it all kind of disappeared from the mainstream if you ask me...

Some bands still mystify us with surf rock and continue to thrive at tiki and surf festivals, beach bars, and the underground rock scene. The question is: Have you even listened to them? A quick hit list you might recognize: Brian Setzer, Los Straitjackets, and Dick Dale. I decided to feature a few bands that I believe have done a great job representing the style. Certain to impress and broaden your horizons, this list is pretty sweet and refreshing. You can catch a lot of these bands for around $10 - $17 and you’re guaranteed to have a killer time watching them shred. Some hard line audiophiles think this genre died in the late '90's...tell that to the groups of young musicians in the psychobilly, space rock, and indie vibe scenes that are inspired by and reviving this classic sound.

Ten Modern Surf Rock Bands You Might Not Listen To Right Now:

The Insect Surfers
Man or Astro-Man?
The Dynotones
The Swamp Coolers
The Space Cossacks
The Mel-Tones
The Messer Chups
The SG Sound
The Woggles
Southern Culture on the Skids


  1. Got any other suggestions for this post? Please list them here!

  2. Dallas' Sleazy Mancini. Headed up by Rockin Ralph delivers a solid big wave experience of surf rock spectacular. Leaning toward an up-tempo lounge sound they can fill the room with moving feet.


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