Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiki Music for Your iPod!!

LOADS OF PEOPLE MAY FIND IT DIFFICULT to locate their favorite sources of tiki music. Spotify, iTunes, etc. all are great places to start, but what search terms do you use? You may be asking yourself who are those ethereal bands that scream "I want a Mai Tai and I want it NOW!!"


Many people refer to this genre of mystifying feel good music as Exotica (named after Martin Denny's 1957 album of the same name). The whole goal of this music is to transport you to a world of Polynesian paradise in the confines of your local drinking establishment or the comfort of your backyard tiki torch party. Congas, bongos, steel drums, mixed with elements of jazz and even every now and then a modern twist of electronic funbuggery makes an interesting mix...one to sweeten your musical palette and inspire musicians of all types.

Tiki music isn't necessarily confined to just the sounds of Exotica. The great thing about a tiki themed night of tune-age is that it is flexible. The only real goal is to consider is conveying that pseudo-tropical feeling of goodness and positivity. Hawaiian & Polynesian mixes can get the job done. Lounge music, space rock, and surf guitar anthems are a nice eclectic breed of genres that can populate a party's soundtrack and provide the perfect ebb & flow for your evening. 

What I'm asking is that you look no further when trying to provide this musical service to the patrons of your next exotic shindig. Visit this website: THE QUIET VILLAGE PODCAST! The Quiet Village podcast is presented in .M4A format, allowing each episode to display constantly changing artwork and photos as well as web links in most players, including Apple iTunes. They do a great job updating with enhanced podcasts (the last one was uploaded on 1/29/12 at the time this article was written). In order to subscribe manually with iTunes to this podcast just CLICK HERE. Wanna know what their tagline is? "Exotica, Polynesian & Lounge featuring rare and vintage recordings from yesterday and today. So come join your host DigiTiki as the record lazily spins on the phonograph and we sip Mai Tais in our own private palm tree oasis." Check out the playlists...they are very specific and awesomely organized. "Crime Jazz," "The Music of 007" & "Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica" are just a few examples. The site is maintained by Mark Riddle and he gets two thumbs up from this exotic musician. 

Please check it out and leave your comments regarding this podcast below. Be sure to visit Digitiki by clicking above or by looking at my list of links titled "Sites You NEED to Visit!".


  1. Mark is a true exotica fanatic and his passion shines through with every episode!

  2. Another GREAT Exotica, Hawaiian Music podcast is "The Exotic Tiki Island Podcast" with host Tiki Brian. He themes his shows with wonderful storyline that go with the music that he plays from his own vintage record collection.


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