Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Photography Portfolio Idea: Original Score & Video

Need a cool idea for a photography portfolio? The Gangi Sound creates multimedia portfolios for individuals and businesses to separate themselves from the mediocrity of the mainstream.  My most recent work was for a photographer serving in the US Navy in Norfolk, Virginia and can be viewed below. My conviction is that socially, proficiently, and professionally utilizing multimedia formats within your portfolio, website, blog, etc. will help you stand out when marketing your talents or products. CLICK HERE for a great article on the benefits of utilizing social multimedia for business exposure. Want to know more about multimedia portfolios in general...CLICK HERE!!

This is a job I enjoy doing for people because it has so many benefits for both me and my customers. For the customer it's rather inexpensive (as it is a new service I am offering), very effective, and broadens the reach and scope of their portfolio, products, etc. The perks for me include original composition of music and sound and building quality relationships with people as a designer of sound and video. 


I keep my customers involved throughout the entire process. The process should take no more than 3 days provided full participation from the customer. All I require is a collection of original, high-resolution photos to get started. The process for getting those files into my hands will be shared upon agreement to commission the work. Together we will work to develop an appropriate theme and style for the audio using the pictures as our thematic basis. It's important to have this unification. I will then compose a customized score and submit it for customer approval. Once the music is approved I begin the process of video editing and again send as many drafts as necessary to the customer for approval. You are provided with a high-quality QuickTime video (.mov file) to use as you wish. I do credit my company with all the work in the video for artistic credit and take great care to make it a routine and very brief portion of the final project.

I have the ability to consult my customers on how to get maximum exposure for your video and charge very little for that element to be included in my packages. Above is an example of the work that I do. If you are interested in having something like this developed for your website, blog, business, or personal use, please visit the contact page of www.TheGangiSound.com and send me an e-mail including details of your vision for quotes.

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