Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TGS Introduces Monthly Top 40 Spotify Playlists by Genre! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬



I have taken a brief hiatus from my weekly posts to vacation for a bit in Tennessee. Road trips are so awesome. Road trips for Spotify subscribers is SUPER AWESOME! If you don't have Spotify yet or if you do but have not signed up for the paid service I highly recommend that you do so. CLICK HERE to subscribe or simply download the free Spotify player. Make sure that you download the application for your iPhone or iPad as well!.

I have decided to include an additional post at the beginning of the month and give my readers an opportunity to subscribe to some great Spotify Top 40 playlists created by yours truly! I have been collecting and listening to music for a long time. I started making mixes for people back in middle  school...kind of like John Cusack did in High Fidelity. Yes. I'm that guy. I remember sitting in front of the radio and spastically hitting record when I heard a song I needed in my library come on. Then I started getting an allowance and CD's were released. It was all downhill for my wallet from there! 

The playlists will be easily identifiable by the letters "TGS" (which stands for The Gangi Sound...duh). They are featured on the Share My Playlists website and all readers should feel free to subscribe to my channel HERE. New playlists will be released each month with a new genre or title as the theme. Feel free to e-mail me and request or recommend a genre or thematic idea. All of the playlists will feature 40 tracks and be genre specific. I will do my best to make these playlists full of new content that you may not have heard of yet. I encourage you to share these playlists with your friends if you enjoy them and turn them on to the awesome sounds of the TGS Mixes! 

TGS April 2012 ~ Big Dust Bowl of Americana

After returning from Tennessee I had the neon glow of Nashville in my gullet. This first installment of TGS will include some classic and modern Americana hits, also known as ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY. Before you shy away from this playlist because of the word country I want you to know that this genre is influenced by tradition. It's roots are many and spawn collectively from folk, country, blues, and rock & roll. It is a really extraordinary genre and encompasses a wide range of music. I attempted to focus on newer and somewhat obscure songs of the genre that have propelled it into what it is today. I chose not to focus on the classic era of alternative country that defined the genre in it's skin & bones form years ago. Below is the list of artists featured on this month's TGS Top 40 playlist! Enjoy!


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